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Individual Counseling

  • Are you struggling with...

  • Feeling sad?

  • Feeling anxious?

  • Having feelings of hopelessness?

  • Having difficulty falling or staying asleep?

  • Having difficulty focusing?

  • Difficulties with relationships?

  • We offer individual sessions for adults, teens, and children and find the right modality that fits your needs.

Children & Teens

When to seek help for your Child

  • Do they seem nervous or on edge often?

  • Are they crying and refusing to go to school?

  • Are they complaining of headaches or stomachaches and doctors have ruled out any medical issues?

  • Are they isolating themselves or not engaging with family and peers as much as they used to? 

We get it; it can feel really uncomfortable to seek help for your child and sometimes leave you asking, "What am I doing wrong?"


The truth is that sometimes children just need additional support and help in learning to cope through difficult feelings. 

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We have clinicians specifically trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral therapy where a mixture of exercises, therapeutic games, and play are utilized to help each child work through their traumatic experience. We also have clinicians trained in school presence and have extensive experience working with children and adolescents  struggling to make it to school due to anxiety and depression. E H Counseling also provides Child Centered Play Therapy for children ages 3-8 years old.  


Some of the Supplies we use with Children

Kinetic Sand:


Which is great for helping children feel calm when discussing difficult events. It is also great for creative thinking, sensory processing, pretend play, and increased attention

Therapeutic Games:


We have games for children of all ages focused on grief, divorce, conflict resolution, anger, behavior, self-esteem, and bullying as well as art supplies to help children express what they are feeling in a non-threatening way.


"Erika is an excellent counselor. She has helped me a lot with my two daughters, first with the oldest and now with the youngest. She has also been a great support for me personally throughout the process. I can tell you that for us, it has been very beneficial working with her. Thank you Erika, because my daughters are now doing better." 



Relationships are hard, especially with the regular day to day responsibilities of work, children, finances, and everything else in between. With added stress or a traumatic experience, it can make things more challenging for couples.  It can start to negatively impact communication, intimacy, and quality time together.  


We can help you work through those challenges and find healthy communication skills to help build your relationship to where you want it to be. 

Support Group
Counseling Group

The best thing about families is that everyone is unique in their own way! This is a great thing but with all the different personalities, it can also cause conflict. When dealing with trauma or loss in a family, it can cause barriers in communication and drastically change the family dynamic.

We can help you build healthy relationships with your loved ones and teach communication skills that will help you navigate through those tough times. 

We offer online counseling sessions using Telehealth, a HIPPAA complaint online video platform. Often busy and complex family and work schedules make it difficult to get to a therapist's office.  Also, online therapy offers a viable option to those who are home-bound or are full time caregivers who cannot leave a child or other loved one.


E H Counseling LLC provides independent evaluations for immigration. Our expertise includes evaluations for:

  • U Visa (Victim of a Crime) 

  • T Visa (Trafficking VISA) 

  • VAWA Petitions (Violence Against Women’s Act)

  • Waivers & Extreme Hardship 

  • Cancellation of Removal

  • Asylum Cases 

We see clients for immigration evaluations in our office located in Hawthorne, NJ. Virtual evaluations are also available through Telehealth. 


We love speaking in the community and sharing about topics we are passionate about:

  • Trauma 

  • Anxiety 

  • Depression


We speak at:

  • Community Events

  • Workshops

  • Church/Youth Group Events

  • Schools: for teachers, parents, and students

We would love to be the speaker at your next event!

Throughout the year, we offer groups online and in the office for children, teens, and adults. 

Check back periodically for upcoming groups!

Support Group
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In-Community Counseling Services (IIC) are intensive counseling services provided to youth and their families in the home at NO COST to the family. 

At E H Counseling, we have a wonderful staff of Christian counselors ready to walk along side you in your counseling journey utilizing biblical principals to incorporate your faith while also teaching you tangible coping techniques to manage the challenges you are facing.


E H Counseling offers Christian Counseling for individuals, couples, and families and sessions can be conducted in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Korean. 


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