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Trauma is defined as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience that can cause psychological injury or pain. Trauma can look different for every person. Some examples are...

What is Trauma?

  • loss of a loved one

  • loss of a job

  • bullying

  • physical/ sexual/ emotional abuse

  • witnessing or being involved in a scary event

  • moving

  • medical diagnosis 

  • accident

  • ending of a relationship

3 Main Types of Trauma:

  • Acute trauma: results from a single incident

  • Chronic trauma: repeated and prolonged such as domestic violence or abuse

  • Complex trauma:  exposure to varied and multiple traumatic events

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"Ever since my early childhood, I had dealt with emotional stresses and traumatic events on my own. Events that I never thought I would be able to tell anyone. When I was introduced to Erika, I was very hesitant at first because I was not able to trust anyone. Once I started individual counseling with her, I realized how professional, compassionate, and dedicated she is as a therapist and human being. She helped me surpass traumatic events that were not letting me become the best version of myself. For example, understanding that I was not guilty for the sexual abuse that I suffered as a child in the hands of my aunt’s husband was a big breakthrough in my life and that is thanks to her. She always extends her hand more than she ever needs to. She is my angel and forever I will be grateful with her. I would recommend Erika to anyone who is seeking therapy without thinking twice."

“After experiencing trauma, one can start to develop physical and emotional responses to it. ”​

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If you are struggling with trauma, it’s important for you to know it is not your fault. Your life has changed and it may have altered how you view the world and everything around you. You may feel alone, isolated, scared, and unsure who to turn to.


We want you to know that we are here to help.


You deserve to feel better and start your journey on the healing process.

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We have Certified Trauma Professional therapists trained specially in helping children, teens, and adults in addressing the emotions associated with the traumatic event(s).


Sessions Include:



Providing a safe & comfortable environment for you to share your story


Helping you work through challenging emotions that may be causing distress


Help you master learned techniques to use while processing your trauma


Helping you work through processing your trauma at a comfortable pace for you.



Teaching you helpful skills 



Getting you to a place where you feel better

When you work with us, we will first teach you how to manage the emotions associated with trauma that might be causing distress in your life. 

We will give you the tools to process your trauma in a safe environment and empower you towards finding the healing you deserve. 

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