"Erika changed my life. Her kindness and knowledge always helped me while I met with her for counseling during my pregnancy. She is very professional and sweet. When I discovered I was pregnant, I was alone and hopeless. She brought me light, hope and faith. My son is the most important thing in my life and every time I met with her, I felt more brave to fight the battles of life."


"Erika is an excellent counselor. She has helped me a lot with my two daughters, first with the oldest and now with the youngest. She has also been a great support for me personally throughout the process. I can tell you that for us, it has been very beneficial working with her. Thank you Erika, because my daughters are now doing better." 

                                                                                                                                                                       - Leena

"Ever since my early childhood, I had dealt with emotional stresses and traumatic events on my own. Events that I never thought I would be able to tell anyone. When I was introduced to Erika, I was very hesitant at first because I was not able to trust anyone. Once I started individual counseling with her, I realized how professional, compassionate, and dedicated she is as a therapist and human being. She helped me surpass traumatic events that were not letting me become the best version of myself. For example, understanding that I was not guilty for the sexual abuse that I suffered as a child in the hands of my aunt’s husband was a big breakthrough in my life and that is thanks to her. She always extends her hand more than she ever needs to. She is my angel and forever I will be grateful with her. I would recommend Erika to anyone who is seeking therapy without thinking twice."

                                                                        - Jennifer 


"Depression and anxiety are one of those things that you don’t really understand until it happens to you.  It hit me like a ton of bricks when I suddenly couldn’t get up from bed, enjoy typical activities and spend time with family and friends.  Getting out of the house was frightening, completing a workday was draining and even the simplest of activities like taking a shower was excruciating. At the moment, I knew I wasn’t myself, but didn’t know what to do.  I didn’t find Erika, God did and put her in my path.  He knew that she was who I needed to help guide me and navigate me through these difficult times.  By His grace I entered Erika’s therapy room, that first day and a comforting smile greeted me along with a pleasant personality.

During my treatment, Erika offered me a safe and cherished space in which I was able to share openly about what was to date the hardest season of my life.  Erika’s compassionate heart and mindful listening skills focused on areas of my life to help me cross the bridges of anxiety and conquer the fear of what was inside of my head. Every week I started learning more about myself through the challenges, the tears and the overwhelming pain of these circumstances. Erika was sensitive to my struggles and with each session she lovingly gave me strategies to help reduce episodes of anxiety and improved my overall quality of life. I began to put myself in situations I had previously avoided oblivious to whether I felt anxious or sad and soon learned that the more I did this the less power I was giving to these thoughts and feelings that had dictated my life up to this point. Although they were still there on many occasions I was able to sit with them like any other thought/feeling and so as to break the anxiety cycle I had previously been stuck in. I began noticing that my symptoms of depression went hand in hand with my anxiety and the more challenges that I overcame, the better I began to feel. At times, it was a journey with hills that seemed impossible to climb and through each session a new layer of me came to surface. Even when new trials came about, Erika listened, and quickly offered me techniques that could help remediate the pressing concern. 

My overall experience with Erika was invaluable and literally life changing.  Throughout the entire process, I never felt 'weird' or 'wrong' and was able to talk about whatever I was feeling without the fear of being judged.  Erika’s professionalism and knowledge makes her nothing less than an outstanding therapist. Today, By God’s grace, I stand anxiety and depression free.   I thank God first- for creating Erika, putting her in my life and for equipping her with the gift of healing through counseling.  I thank you Erika-for being obedient to His calling and loving people so well through what you do.  If it weren’t for you, my story would have been much different."

                                                                                                                                    - Ava 


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